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We are manufacturers

and exporters of  Himalayan Salt Products from last 12 years. Himalayan salt is the most efficient emitter of negative ions which have many  health  benefits. We catagorize our Product Line as under:

1.Himalayan Salt Lamps

• Natural Salt Lamp

• Crafted Salt Lamp

• Bowl Salt Lamp

• Wrought Iron Basket Salt Lamp

• Animal Shaped  Salt Lamp

2.Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

• Natural Salt Candle Holder

• Crafted Salt Candle Holder

3.Himalayan Salt Oil Burners

4.Himalayan Salt Tiles and Bricks

5.Himalayan Bath Salt Chuncks

6. Himalayan Salt Soap Stone

7. Himalayan Salt Lick

8.D-Icing Salt

9.Himalayan Edible Pink Salt

10.Black Salt

11. Industrial Salt.


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