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Written by Naeem Ahmed   
Friday, 11 March 2011 02:05

Optimum Salt Company – A leading Pakistani, Optimum Group’s Company was founded in Year 2000. It has been manufacturing and exporting International quality Himalayan Salt products for the value customers from all over the world.

· Himalayan Salt Products

o Salt Lamps

§ Natural Salt Lamps

§ Crafted Salt Lamps

§ Tea light Salt Lamps

§ Animal Salt Lamps

§ Bowl Salt Lamps

o Salt Candle Holder

§ Natural Salt candle Holders

§ Crafted Salt candle Holders

o Salt Oil Burners

§ Natural Salt Oil Burners

§ Crafted Salt Oil Burners

o Tiles & Bricks

o Animal Salt Licks

o Bath Salt Chunks

o Salt Soaps

o Table Salt Grinded

o Black Salt

o Industrial Salt

o D Icing Salt

We have been blessed with the natural source of Himalayan rock salt mountain range in Pakistan, thus: We have The Competitive Advantage in Quantity and ultimately Economies of scale provide the price competitiveness. Optimum Salt under the umbrella of Optimum Group is the one of just few companies have highly competitive Management, state of art manufacturing process and technology for smooth operations and quality product. Our Group focus on quality and system adapted for quality assurance provide us the Competitive Advantage in Quality of products. The Group’s clear instruction is for WIN-WIN relationship building both for our valued customer and the company or No Relation. WIN- WIN Relationship means the transaction must be executed for mutual benefit and not to harm either party. This will never allow the company to compromise on quality. We have been exporting our Salt products to all over the world but our existing relationship is in USA, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, Hungry and Poland. We guarantee that our products are sorted, clean and washed.

Optimum Salt products are made from natural Himalayan Salt Crystal created by nature millions of year of ago and hundreds of meter down from foothills of Himalayan Salt Range Pakistan. Himalaya has the world’s largest natural salt reserves with 1290 running miles. Reportedly these reserves will be serving the human kind for another 365 years.

The Natural color of these salt crystals blends from Off White to Apricot and from Orange to Warm Pink.

The Healthy Impact of Optimum Salt Lamps enhances as these are hand washed and sun dried which make them all natural and pure. Salt crystal naturally provides the powerful negative ions, essential for our health and well being. Optimum Salt Company understands that our health & well being has been severely affected by ultra modern technology utilization in our daily life. Himalayan Salt crystal & Lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions “The Vitamin of Air”. Salt when illuminated from inside get warm and emit a higher number of ions.


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